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Healthy travel so you stay longer and see more of the world

Dukoral … I just took my first dose.  This is supposed to help you with healthy travel. It is designed to prevent all kinds of intestinal parasitic problems, I hope so.  I leave for DRCongo again in about 10 days and I sure don’t want a repeat of my last flight home …

This time I head to Uvira, into a remote area.  I have been at the back end of nowhere the last few times, but Uvira is supposed to be really, really out there. In Congo I am usually in Bukavu, which is not on anyone’s top 10 list for travel destinations.

I am really curious to see what people in Bukavu think of as remote.

Last year at this time I was in the middle of managing a $2.5 million dollar food aid project in the area. This time I am working with the people on the next steps. What do they want to do to stabilize future food security?

We want to help our partners build a project that will be a real and lasting benefit.

Hopefully the rebels don’t take it all away.

My second and last dose of Dukarol is to be taken in a week. This is also supposed to keep me safe from cholera, a water-borne disease, for three months.

I got caught by some bug on my last visit and spent an uncomfortable plane ride home in all kinds of (euphemism) ‘abdominal distress’.

Contaminated water is a real concern so we are also looking at a well project in one of our project areas. It would be great to reduce illness without the need for a few thousand (expensive) Dukoral doses for the community.

The risks

Many people worry about the guys with guns when they travel. Terrorist attack is a real fear.

While it could happen, what will almost invariably happen is getting some bug. That stops a lot more travel than a hypothetical violent attacker. Focus on the basics:

  1. Wear your seatbelt.

  2. Don’t drink the water.

  3. Be careful of raw vegetables.

  4. Wash your hands … a lot

  5. then just go for it!

What do you do to protect yourself for healthy travel?

Mark Crocker

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