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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who do you work with?
    STM Leader has worked with numerous churches and mission agencies including: Samaritans Purse, The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, The Christian and Missionary Alliance of Alberta, and many others.
  • Who is the certification course designed for?
    This course is ideally suited for current STM team leaders or for leaders who are planning to lead a team in the next year. Leaders with 0 - 10 trips seem to love it most.
  • Do team leaders really need all of this?
    all great leaders are learners - don’t you want to be a little more awesome?! The STM Leaders Certification helps you sharpen skills and push your ability to lead mission.
  • How does it work?
    Here are the 4 steps: You sign up for the course and get access to incredible resources. You join a cohort of STM Leaders and connect for 6 live video conference sessions. You take awesome teams overseas and save time and money. Your team has their best mission experience ever and your host begs you to come back.
  • Who else will be in my cohort?
    Other leaders from across North America. Some of these leaders are just starting their first time, others will have have lead dozens of teams. Mosts leaders have lead 2-3 teams and are ready to deepen their STM skills. Previous Leaders have told us that meeting other STM leaders through the course really helped them to sharpen their STM understanding.
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