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Excuse Me, Do you Mind if I am Offensive?

I have heard many people attempt to teach the way of Christ, sometimes instead of inspiring others, they just piss them off.

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I have also heard those same people justify their conversation in this way – “Scripture tells me that the Gospel is offensive. If I share my thoughts and it turns people off – the problem is their own. They are at fault.”

Weird huh? Even more strange, in most cases, the person who is convinced that it was the Bible which offended others, is often offensive in many other areas of life.

The offense of the gospel was never intended to be an offensive weapon. This verse is not a fancy way for people to say whatever and however they want and get away with it. Even a cursory glace at Scripture will reveal who was offended by the Gospel.

It did not seem to offend Roman Centurians, and Samaritans. It did not seem to offend the average guy or girl who spent their day at work, and came home to a drink and chat with friends.The only record of offence we regularly find in Scripture is the offence of theologians and other community spiritual leaders.

The gospel is offensive, because it offends me.
  1. It offends my desire to be self-righteous

  2. It offends my philosophy and demands I give up religious certainty for relationships with others.

  3. It offends my notion in a territorial god, smaller than the God of all people, who blesses me and my church alone.

The text of Galatians 5:11, “The offense of the cross” has too long been used as a club. The meaning has been missed and warped into this strange new gospel of sharing a method like the 4-spiritual laws.  If people agree with the method – great! If they don’t, well you did your duty, because the gospel is offensive.


Mark Crocker

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