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Do you think of yourself as “The Wealthy”

Do you ever wonder who the wealthy are?

I know that as a Canadian I live in one of the richest places on the planet. I live better than medieval royalty, I have access to the most unbelievable amount of wealth, far more than the majority of the world … and yet in my heart I still am not sure that I believe that I am “The Wealthy”.

Why? I don’t feel wealthy.

Who are The Wealthy?

When Jesus asked the rich young man to give up his wealth, we know that he was not talking to Caesar, or frankly, to anyone that really saw himself as truly wealthy.

Jesus was simply talking to a man who was comfortable, well-off. I like to think of him as the rich guy in a small town on the back end of nowhere.

He maybe rich in his small town, but no one else knew about him!

When we hear the call for the wealthy to care for the poor … do we hear our own name being called?

Here is a very interesting and FUN link that helps me put my life in perspective

What’s your personal wealth?

Mark Crocker.

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