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Why STM training? Short Term Mission Standards

Last week I spent some time in Medicine Hat and talked about the local church and short term mission standards.

Many people love the personal involvement, but they ask, why STM training?

Don’t we just need to go and help out?


It seems like more and more that the local church is really taking the Short Term Mission movement back to itself, that is brilliant.

We are seeing the missional aspect of what the church should be doing.

The problem of course is, as always, when something becomes popularised and trendy.

Then we see some shoddy work. 

This is why short term mission standards are important, we respect the serious aspects of what we are trying to do.  Take people into remote cross-cultural settings and ask them to get involved in the long-term solutions.

I have heard of STM teams who first meet one another at the airport, and away they go.

Is this right?

We would expect some level of professional preparation in any other area of life. A kid is not allowed to go to the tournament unless he has practiced with his pee-wee team all year. What should be expected of a team member who is trying to go change peoples lives?

Where are the short term mission standards?

I was encouraged to be part of the STMNetwork meetings on Thursday, it really feels like we are creating a movement.

Our lead team is energized and eager to take on roles and responsibilities. The new focus is going to be catchy. I agreed to chair the training role, it is where my heart is and I cannot wait to facilitate what world-class training will look like.

What do we need to do to reach the Short Term Mission Standards?

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