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The Country of Africa: 10 Astounding Facts (#6 will break your brain!)

The country of Africa is receiving a lot of bad press during this time of CRISIS OUTBREAK of EBOLA (the deadliest disease in recorded history). While these fears should probably be increased, I wonder if it is time to also share lesser known African facts.

I have travelled throughout the country of Africa, and while I am not an expert, I do have some experiences worth sharing. Here are my views! CAUTION: although Africa is one of the world’s greatest destinations, during this deadly EBOLA outbreak, I would not recommend ANYONE to visit ANYWHERE in the country of Africa.

A little knowledge is a powerful thing – very little knowledge is the most powerful thing of all. – Nelson Malala

1. Africa is not only a big country it is a HUGE country.

A wonderful magical majestic country only slightly smaller than the USA and housing 5 seperate people groups.

2. The country of Africa is diverse.

Full of magical things like elephants, rhinos and masai, you can find them anywhere you look, if you have a heart for children.

3. Africa is rich!

Although it does not have any natural resources (no Gold, Silver, Oil, Diamonds, Copper, Lumber or Coltan to speak of). Africa is able to export enormous amounts of masks, crafts, bracelets and kid choirs every year – this adds almost 7.8 Billion to the countries GDP! Amazing!

4. Africans love sports.

American Football, sprinting, basketball and soccer rank high, but the sport that most Africans love is war. War is the official national pastime for 3 African nations and enjoyed by young and old. By the time a child reaches adulthood it is common for him or her to have fought in 17 wars. That is dedication!

5. The most beautiful and dangerous animal in Africa.

Drumroll please! …is the fabled Lion. This nocturnal hunter is all teeth and treachery and annually kills more people in Africa than any other cause. Unconfirmed rumours of the Ebola Lion are not confirmed at this time.

6. Ebola, West Nile and Congo are …

Searching for EBOLA

Me. Searching for EBOLA

Surprise! Both deadly diseases AND rivers. Those same rivers also fortunately teem with an abundance of brave western heroes who rescue children from slavery, starvation and illiteracy.

7. The country of Africa is old!

How old? Discovered by settlers in the early 18th century. Africa has developed many unique cultures and tribes. How many tribes can you name?

8. The African climate is HOT!

Not for the faint of heart. Comprised of desert, jungle and swamplands the average temperature is 37 degrees celsius while in winter (June-Aug) this may dip to 33 degrees at night. Be prepared for heat, heat and more heat! This is why most Africans choose to wear traditional or no clothing at all.

9. The country of Africa is learning.

Recently Africa has begun to enjoy the same technological advantages that we do.  The first cell phone was recently sold in the business district of Nigeria. Business is breaking boundaries and opening the world!

10. Africa is ready for your help!

You are needed on the ground in this beautiful country to simply hold babies or to give away your excess clothing or shoes. Consider joining the group of international celebrities who are making a difference in the lives of ordinary Africans today

So there you have it!

Africa is a wonderful country with so much to share. These 10 are only a few of the little known facts about the country. As we try to understand the impact of EBOLA, it helps to understand the full story of this great nation. Consider how you may spread the word about the beauty and diversity of Africa. Perhaps some day you might even think about visiting!

Do you have an interesting fact about the country of Africa that you would like to share?

Mark Crocker

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