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Causes of Poverty: The answer will surprise you.

Late one night in a hotel room in Toronto in my way to Haiti, I realized I was going to miss a class I was supposed to teach the next day! Thankfully we have technology to the rescue, so I pulled out my iPhone and made the following lo-fi video.

Want the highlights?

  1. At 5 minutes: Find out why the solution is the least important part of a development project.

  2. At 24 minutes: I ask a question, “does God hate widows?” And look at the evidence for and against.

I am passionate about working with the poor. But even more passionate about not causing more harm.

By the way the video title is one I borrowed from a recent popular book by Corbett and Fikkert (consider the title an homage).

This is Session 2 of 4. If you are interested in the other sessions for yourself, your business, church, or community group, go here!

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