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Big Lies: get to know you game

Here is a great Get To Know You Game!

This icebreaker is fantastic to use when training a new team. I don’t know the source, but it is simple to play and a lot of fun.

Check out these BIG LIES.

The concept is simple. Write down three statements about yourself, the catch is that one of the statements is true, while the other two are complely false.

The team then votes to determine the true statement.

Here’s an example.

Remember only one of these statements are true

  1. I have eaten dog in China and loved it.

  2. I have eaten crocodile in Kenya and liked it.

  3. I have eaten mouse on a stick in Malawi and hated it.

Guess which one is true about me?

Here is another.

  1. I have played tug of war with a tiger

  2. I have owned 7 dogs

  3. I have hit a bear with my car

If you want to use this as an icebreaker here is how to create your own.

Come up with your true statement first, it is best if it is somewhat unusual or outlandish.

Once you have a true statement, have the two lies match the theme somewhat (IE eating unusual things, or dealing with animals)

This works really well as an ice-breaker or as a get to know you game. Try it out and let me know how it works?

What are your big lies?

Mark Crocker

p.s. My answers are #2 and #1.

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